A Spending Problem, Not a Revenue Problem

The State of CT does NOT have a revenue problem: it has a spending problem. Our current elected officials are not making smart financial decisions for us and many of them have become so disconnected to the everyday problems we citizens encounter. As a responsible citizen and voter you can make a difference on November 6th to elect financially educated and ideologically grounded representatives.

Why would you vote someone back in office that has been a part of the problem for 24 years? What has our State Rep in the 33rd here in Middletown CT done for the residents of Middletown?...Taxes, more taxes and he wants tolls. (Get the facts on tolls.. we could wind up with tolls on EVERY STATE Road here in CT.)

So get out and vote on November 6th. Bring a friend. You my friends have control of CT's destiny this November 6th. Vote for Common Sense and Fresh Ideas!

Linda Szynkowicz