Vote for the Candidate, Not the Party.

Our society has become so focused on what party a candidate represents that little thought is given to what values individual candidates represent. A candidate “across party lines” may have the same ideologies as you or fall closer on the spectrum to your party than you think. Unless we give candidates the opportunity to speak for themselves beyond a party label, we will continue to miss out on the bigger picture. If the current political situation of your region, your state, your country is not where you would like it to be, it’s time to research your options. I believe it is important to give each candidate the chance to win your vote, whether they identify as a Democrat or a Republican, we’re all people, looking to better our communities.

You have the RIGHT to vote.

Remember, voting gives you the right to voice your concerns and make choices on who would best represent your principles and interests regarding how our State is run. It also reinforces why our country is the land of the free and home of the brave, not everyone has a say in their government, but WE DO. Even if there is no one you really like, choose. Exercise your right to vote; be a proud American who made a choice, in an attempt to improve their community.

Your vote DOES matter.

If each of us believe that our vote doesn’t matter, then who is really choosing our elected officials? Each vote is a part of the collective sum that dictates whether Candidate A or Candidate B represents YOU and YOUR beliefs for the next term. Local government is just as, if not more important than our federal government. Local representatives decide and prioritize the needs and spending concerns of the town and the state you call home. Wouldn’t you want to contribute to YOUR collective? Educate yourself on your local politics and make a choice because it WILL make a difference.